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Ginger Garlic Paste 200g

Ginger Garlic Paste

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Presenting our Bollywood-style Ginger Garlic Paste - where "Isme Pyaar Mila Hain" isn't just a tagline, it's the heart and soul of the dish! Because let's be honest, no meal hits the right notes unless it's got that secret ingredient called PYAAR.

 #AsliSwaad Unleashed
Get ready to add a burst of flavors and aroma to your kitchen with our Ginger Garlic Paste. We've taken the classic duo - fresh adrak (ginger) and lahsun (garlic) - and transformed them into the heroes of your culinary adventures. No fancy tricks, just pure, undiluted flavor, thanks to our cutting-edge grinding technology.

Worried about what ingredients are invading your flavor fiesta? Fikar not! We use the best ingredients available. It's like a culinary love story – pure, heartfelt, and a guaranteed happy ending for your taste buds. Your dishes will thank you for the PYAAR infusion!

#LazyChef Ka Dream
Say goodbye to peeling, chopping, and the entire kitchen jhinga-la-la. Our Ginger Garlic Paste is your backstage pass to flavor town without breaking a sweat. Because who needs the kitchen cardio when you can have the #GharKaSwaad without the extra effort?

With a shelf life of 12 months, our paste is the marathon runner of the kitchen. It's like having a #KitchenKaSuperstar in your fridge, ready to rescue your taste buds whenever they're in distress. Freshness? Check. Flavor? Double-check. Pyaar? Always!

So, spice up your khana, sprinkle some PYAAR, and let our Ginger Garlic Paste be the secret ingredient that turns your kitchen into a blockbuster. Because, bhaiyon aur behnon, in every dish made with our paste, "Isme Pyaar Mila Hain!" After all, PYAAR makes the world go round!

For the Busy & the Lazy!

Shelf Life - 12 months


  • Ginger
  • Garlic

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